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Simple as an Overall.

Hello there. Today I want to share a really casual look I wore early this week. I know most of the time I dress rather edgy, but there's a lot of moments where I just fancy a simple casual look. And what feels more casual than denim overall? I always have a crash on overall, I think it is one of the essential pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe because it goes with any top if you ask me.


I also love styling it with a scarf which adds a little cuteness over it. This overall is rather tight on the body because it is supposed to be worn on its own, but I wore it with a plain tee because I need it to hide my big arms. Another thing I like to accessorize it with a belt. Do you notice most overall actually come with the belt holder? Which implies whoever designed the overall believed a belt should be used and the fact is it does look really good with it on. Although mine doesn't have the belt holder, I think it makes a visual difference that helps outline the silhouette of the body to appear taller.

Photo taken by Christopher Au

Photo taken by Christopher Au

Tee - SheIn
Scarf - Thrifted
Overall - Airspace
Belt - SheIn
Boot - SheIn

So what do you think of the look? How would you style denim overall? Would you consider adding a belt on at all? Feel free to leave me a comment, and I see you on my next post. Xx