Black in Mood

The temperature dropped down, and the cloudy weather just ruined my mood of the day. And I thought why not just did an all black outfits not only to state my mood but it's almost the easiest way to go option. So I throw on a turtle neck sweater and jean, wondering if I should paired it with creeper or boots....but of course boots won at last. Since my outfits came with all black, I decided to put on my favourite denim jacket to make a statement and gave me a bit of colour so that I won't look too dull. As it was cold and windy out there, I also put on a beanie just to keep my hair in place and given a taste of attitude. I am a total sucker for accessories but this necklace just seem to fit the colour of the jacket and the golden chain just happened to match the decoration on my boots.

Lip : Lime Crime (Wicked) IG Store (_Mbamazing)
Beanie - Taobao 
Sweater - No brand
Denim Jacket - Mum's Wardrobe
Jean - Monki + DIY
Boots - H&M
Necklace - New Look