Hangout Casual.

Another casual comfy combo (tee + tight + trainer) I have created for a day trip. As I mention before t-shirt and tight are the most basic and essential outfits for everyday (good for people who just want to keep everything simple, quick and easy) but being causal doesn't mean no style, you just need to find the right element to make it happen. I believe a statement tee (a t-shirt like band tee, tee with cartoon character or slogan) would be a good start, it not only creates an attitude for you but definitely a conversation starter. Here is what I picked for today, a Micky Mouse tee with my usual black tight and a flannel as a outer layer. I once said denim is good to pair with a t-shirt but so is plaid. For shoes I threw on this comfortable trainers from Nike.It is always important to make yourself feel comfortable when you expected a day out like shopping, hiking or festivals, especially your choice of shoes. I usually pick a trainer because I did have a bad experience not to wear a proper shoes and ended up my foot hurting like hell for at least 3 days! Considering the sunny weather I also put on a Micky cap (which matched my top) to help me stay away from the sun.

Lip - Wet n Wild (970 Purty Persimmon?)
Cap - Forever 21
Vest Tee - Thrift Store
Flannel - Thrift Store
Tight - Cotton On
Trainers - Nike Air Max Premiere