It's simple.

I have mentioned before, when we style an outfit, we should always included a statement piece. However, there were times where you choose the statement piece but you don't know how to style with it, when that moment comes, the best option is go for black or white. That's why i threw on a white top to pair with my black floral pant-skirt (my statement piece) and a white boot, so the pant-skirt could be the eye catching point. Since the outfits are simple, I put on a golden triangle necklace to spark up the look. To completed the look, I also put on a hat that has a similar colour of the pant skirt and to keep me protected from the sun.

Lip - NYX (SMLC04)
Hat - H&M
Necklace - Forever21
Top - Primark
Pant-skirt - Thrift Store
Boots - IG Store (Shopaholic852)