The Green Party.

Since spring is here, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and create an outfit with a neon element - a neon yellow maxi.  Neon has never been easy to style, as fas as I know black and white seem to be the most popular colours to use. However if I didn't concentrated on the word 'neon', based on my knowledge of colour, yellow is good with blue or green. So I threw on this green t-shirt with these beautiful vintage pattern to pair with my maxi skirt. As these two colours were so eye catching together , I decided to chose an earth tone high heel to keep the focus back on my outfits. To make this outfit look more elegant I just put on a golden elephant necklace to give the outfits a little sparkle up. I also put on a green lipstick just to complete the whole look. Don't I look like green fairy after all? Lol

Lip - Lime Crime (Serpentina) IG Store (_Mbamazing)
T-shirt - Thrift Store
Maxi - Primark
Shoes - IG Store (Shopaholic852)