This shirt probably one of my favourite in my collection. As I mention before, i love wearing shirt and the stripe pattern only make it perfect for my desire. Beside the stripe, i love it's double collars and the golden floral buttons which give such an elegant and chic look. For the bottom, I decided to wear a wine red shorts and a pair of gold buckle boots to pair with the shirt just to recreate a noble child look back from the centuries. Since my shorts is actually quite short, I throw on a denim shirt as a outer coat to cover up my big hip and to causal out the outfits. It's a nice sunny day here, so I put on this vintage sun glasses to finish off the look. 

Lip - Maybelline "Mat2"
Sunglasses - Weekend Wardrobe
Shirt - Thrift Store
Denim Shirt - No Brand (Kwai Chung Plaza)
Shorts - Ig Store "Shopaholic852"
Boots - New Look