Hit Me.

Another quick outfit for today. Due to the cooling air, I finally got the chance to wear this graphic turtle neck top to keep me warm enough especially with the extra layer of the dungaree. I have mentioned in my past posts that graphic tee or turtle neck tops are just a perfect match with dungarees and now I got the both elements together at once today. Since I needed to keep my hair in place, I thought today would be the perfect weather to wear this thin beanie without being too hot. One thing about Hong Kong is you never get a chill under the shadow unlike other countries in spring/ summer.  I don't really need an extra layer for outdoors, the chill usually just happens after rain or a gloomy day, though I hope the weather will be a bit cooler because no one can really survive in the heat.

Lip - Lime Crime (Wicked) IG Store @ _Mbamazing
Necklace - Topshop
Beanie - Killstar (IG Store @ _Mbamazing)
Turtle neck top - Thrift Store
Dungaree - Online Store @ Yahoo
Boots - Oxbridge Town