Hot mess.

I have started to believe this year has skipped spring and jumped right into summer. Since it is so hot, I decided to put on an easy & quick outfit. A black bustier with a neon pink maxi and black chunky boots. Honestly, I am not very comfortable to wear just a bustier as it shows too much of my skin, but i guess it's okay every once and again due to the hotness. The neon maxi is probably my favourite, it has been a trend from a few years back but I think it still rocks and I think it's very sexy when both sides have an open cut. For accessories, I just wore a golden chain necklace for a clean finish.

Lip - Revlon (Colorbursh Matt 250)
Necklaces - Topshop (If i remember it right)
Bustier - Cotton On (Body)
Maxi - H&M
Boots - Unif (IG Store @ _mbamazing)