Lady Classy

The days have gone sunny here, and to keep the heat away from me, I just keep my outfit simple and loose. This white sheer lace top is perfect. It keeps me cool and it's vintage look pairs so well with my houndtooth patterned plaid trousers. Honestly, I rarely wear trousers because they are way too formal, but they are comfortable and I think they look good with my top here. As a result, my outfit is a combination of vintage and formal. I added my classic moccasin shoes and a rusty gold  necklace to completed the look. I have to admit the rusty gold accessory does just add up the taste of the whole classy feel.

Lip - MAC (Cyber)
Necklace - H&M
Sleeveless - Thrift Store
Trouser - Monki
Shoes - Zara