Miss Sailor.

The days are just getting hot here. I can't believe it's up to 30 degree already!! Summer has definitely arrived. It is wise to keep your outfit minimal in hot weather like this. So I just threw on a one piece dress with a hat. Pattern socks can be a fun element to add to any outfit. They might be a tiny addition, but it does make a difference. For shoes, I just wore my creamy moccasin to complete the look. I always say 'with the right accessories, a simple outfit can still rock,' like my outfit here. My focus point would be colour matching, similar colour items put together can created a sense of unity and essentially it's the blue and white colour I have played with here.

Lip - MAC (Creme Cup)
Hat - Topshop
Dress - Vintage (No brand)
Sock & Shoes - IG Store @ Shopaholic852