Spring Storm.

Since high waist Jeans have been a trend for the past few years, I have been looking for one that is comfortable and can fit me well. However, most of the high waist Jeans are created to suit for European people, the length is just so long and tight so I ended up cutting them short to fit me. But eventually I did find this perfect pair of high waist Jean which just fitted and it look kind of vintage too, so I paired it with one of my favourite vintage shirts from my collection with the lovely roses print on and add a warmer tone coat for a contrast. For shoes, I put on my creamy moccasin to keep all the attention back to focus on my upper outfit.

Lip - Lime Crime (Cashmere) IG Store @ _mbamazing 
Blouse - Thrift Store
Shirt - Thrift Store
Necklace - Forever 21
Jean - Lowry Farm
Shoes - IG Store @ shopaholic852