The Mickey Family.

As I promised to show the other side of my double sided skirt last friday, here it is. It's a beautiful plaid skirt in red after you flip it over, and my mind instantly thought of Minnie from Mickey Mouse. Based on that thought I gathered the Mickey elements and came up with this outfit. A white Mickey top with the skirt and a red Vans trainer for the overall. Look. I know it is a bit plain for a look, that's why I added accessories such as a Mickey hairband, a Mickey silver necklace and a polka dot tight for extra details.

If anyone has noticed, I do love wearing skirts or dresses, but I have to say I really hate spring/ summer here! Because due to where I live, mosquitos are all over the place and I always have to expect to get bitten every time I wear a skirt, dress or shorts!! Annoying!!!!

Lip - Lime Crime (Riot) IG Store @ _mbamazing
Hairband - IG Store @ Shopaholic852
Necklace - Forever 21
Top - Thrift Store
Skirt - Thrift Store
Shoes - Vans (IG Store @ Shopaholic852)