Black to Begin.

Just doing a quick outfit for today, probably the quickest on the go outfit for when your in a dash. It's another black and white combo.  I always prepare a backup outfit just in case I have a dash moment. A one piece dress is usually the ideal option, however, items like crop top/tee, mini skirt or jean (depends on the weather) are also a great option, but only in limited colours like black and white. When you are in a hurry, you usually have no time to do makeup or hair, so a thin beanie/cap (to keep your hair in place) and sunnies (to cover up pretty much all of your face) definitely a life saver. For shoes, you can simply just put on a pair of boots or trainers depending on your preference of a sporty or grunge look. It's not necessary to wear a thin cardigan like I do here, I really just need something to cover up my arms and keep me warm from the wind from time to time.

Lip - Lime Crime (styletto) IG Store @ _mbamazing
Beanie - killstar (IG Store @ _mbamazing)
Sunnies - Market
Thin cardigan - Market
Crop top - H&M
Mini skirt - Cotton On
Socks - Topshop
Boots - Oxbridge Town