Pretty Casual.

I rarely wear heels in my life, usually just platforms or chunky boots but not this feminine heels. It's not that I don't like them but more I don't get much chance to wear them. Heels are the dream of every girl, They have the power to push the edge of a girls sexiness. Sadly I am so clumsy when I walk on pointy heels ( my dream heels) that's why I would only get a chunky heel like Mary Jane. I got these heels for my friend's wedding 6 months ago. Since then i just left them in the corner, so I thought today I will just create a causal chic look. It's just pretty simple, as my heels are grey pink, I picked grey as my neutral colour with a mixed colour top to go with the look. The silver accessories just brighten up the look. 

I got say I did get fat based on how hard it is to put on the jeans! Wonder if anyone has any tips to keep my legs and arms fit again!

Lip - MAC (Russian Red)
Cardigan - Thrift Store
Top - H&M
Jean - H&M
Heels - Store @ Kwai Chung Plaza