Rain Check.

I decided to do a causal outfit for a showery day with finally a bit of the sun. I always hate to get myself wet. I have experienced times when I wore jeans or tights and got wet, and it took forever to dry out! That's why I now usually choose to wear shorts or a skirt just to keep myself as dry as possible. Boots are the perfect option for this kind of day because it keeps your feet away from the puddles. I also like to dress in light colours just to keep my mood positive, sometime rain (even just a shower) can be depressing. Keep everything simple and clean would always be my best quickest causal advice.

Lip - Lime Crime (Riot) IG Store @ _Mbamazing
Hat - Taobao
Sunnies - Store @ Mong Kok
Shirt and Tee - Thrift Store
Short - U2
Boots - Store @ Yahoo