Summer Date.


If you follow my blog from the beginning, then you will know how much I love wearing shirts and blouses. I actually have half of my shelf filled with them, they are good to wear alone or as a outer coat depending on the material and the weather. As the temperature has finally dropped these days because of the rain, I thought I will create an outfit with a vibrant blouse I thrifted a while back. It's perfect for a cool summers day. 
I love how simple yet elegant this blouse looks because of its beautiful golden pattern. It's length is actually just long enough for me to wear it as a dress (but of course it would be safer to have shorts underneath as always) which would be perfect for a dinner date. However, open up the blouse and I reveal a bralette with high waisted shorts in all black which gives out a sporty vibe, and that would be perfect for gathering! 
Honestly it would be much better with a creamy Mary Jane pump for the look but I don't have that so I threw on these moccasin which I think it still work for the classy side.

Lip - Lime Crime (styletto) IG Store @ mb.itch
Blouse - Thrift Store
Necklace - New Look
Bralette - Forever 21
Shorts - Guess 
Shoes - IG Store @ shopaholic852
Handbag - Store @ Kwai Chung Plaza