The White Noise.

If any of you have good memories, the outfit I have put together today has been worn separately in other post before, except the trainers and hat. Sometimes you have to be creative when you do not have the financial support for clothes, beside I believe no one would only wear an outfit once? After all fashion is all about mix and match so here I decided to create an outfit to show a way of how you can transform some items that you already have concept of. Here I choose this muscle tee dress. Last time I wore it with a shirt inside and this time I decided to wear it as a loose tee with a skirt. Of cause you must wear a bralette inside since the gaps under the arms are huge. Since the tee dress is filled with white typography, I chose a pair of shoes that also have similar style which matched so well together! For accessories, I put on this black and white hat to complete the look.
I used to just wear an outfit as exactly how it was meant to be, but that really narrows down the possibilities of fashion style, fashion or any creative related discipline should be always in the state of exploring, where there's no right and wrong but only good or bad. I do hope it would be helpful to some of you who struggle in fashion style.

Lip - Revlon Matte balm ( 250 standout )
White eyeliner - LimeCrime ( Lunar Sea ) IG Store @ Mb.itch
Hat - Market @ Stanley
Muscle tee dress - Married to the mob ( IG Store @ Mb.itch )
Bralette - Forever21
Skirt - Monki
Trainer - Y.R.U Cute to the Core ( Fuck Yeah ) IG Store @ Mb.itch