Black In The Day.

As much as I like wearing one piece dress, this romper is my least favourite! I basically love everything in one piece. I understand that a romper, playsuit or jumpsuit can be annoying in time especially when you need to go to the bathroom, however, they save you a lot time and they are very comfy and pretty. This one I got here is a just a plain one but the details make this perfect. The ribbon tie around my neck used to be around the waist, but honestly, who cares how you do it? I just thought it would look cuter to tie around my neck. Since my romper is all black, I decided to throw on these white platforms to create a contrast to the look. For accessories, I just wearing these cool sunglasses from as a statement piece to complete the look.

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Lip - Lime Crime (Styletto) IG Store @ Mb.itch
Sun Glasses - Sponsored by
Romper - H&M
Sandals - Y.R.U  IG Store @ Mb.itch