Last Forever.

Photo by Yumi Fung

I am not too sure about the definition of the word grunge but I believe this look I have put together is very much a grunge look and I love it! I guess that's thanks to this beautiful plaid skirt and the choker which is mainly the soul of this whole look. In the last few years I have been seeking for a perfect plaid skirt but I am not too convince that I am going to find one because I haven't see any that my mind just goes 'yes' this is it! But then I found this one in the thrift store. It's still not the type I was searching for but I do like it's length and the fact that it is an elastic waist and I like the colour of it. I can say my mind created this look the minute I saw this skirt so I bought it right away. Basically I just went all black here and it already looks amazing! I just couldn't wait to style this plain skirt in the future and share it with you guys!

Lip - NYX
Sunny - MongKok Market
Choker - Gift
Top - Vintage (Mum's wardrobe)
Skirt - Thrift Store
Boots - Qoo10