Back to School Lookbook.

September seems to be a new start, not only for the fall season but also to most of the people who begin back to school. Since I have seen a lot of bloggers sharing their back to school outfits, I though I would share mine as well, although it is now October already.

To be honest, I don't give myself boundaries of what to wear to school especially if your school doesn’t have any restriction. I mostly would base my outfit on my mood to decide what i want to wear for the day. However I did come up with 3 types of outfits that I would chose to wear to school.   

The Uniform.

Lip - NYX (SMLC04)
Shirt - Shop @ Kwai Chung Plaza
Skirt - Thrift Store
Bagpack - Shop @ MongKok Trendy Zone
Necklace - TopShop
Creepers - TUK

It is ironic to come up with this look when I though of what I would wear if I was back to school because it looks exactly like the school uniform I used to try to get rid of. However,  I don't think I hate school uniforms, I only think they never match it right, also school always restrict our skirt length. Somehow I think I have recreate a version of my ideal school uniform to memorise my school back in the day. I think this look was inspired by the Japanese school uniform since that used to be every girls obsession in my country. If any of you know me well enough, I do obsess with shirt/ blouse and plaid.  This shirt definitely remind me of school because of its letters and this look obviously won't be complete without a plaid skirt! For shoes, I threw on this creeper without hesitate as this would be my ideal school essential!

Stand Out from the Crowd. 

Lip - LimeCrime (Pansy) IG Store @Mb.itch
T-shirt - Thrift Store
Jean + DIY - MonKi
Bagpack - Shop @ MongKok Trendy Zone
Oxford - Oxbridge Town

Obviously, simple as the t-shirt and jean is also my choice of school wear as it is the classic school look for most people, but that doesn't mean it should be dull. Pattern or graphic t-shirt with (DIY) rip out jean definitely shows personality and in here I also threw on this cool plaid oxford which happens to match the colour of my pattern tee which helps to put together the look. I believe accessories and makeup also play an important role when you simplify your outfits. This purple lip definitely brightens up my look and along with this cool silver choker and this reflective sunglasses, I feel like a cool kid after all.

Dressed in Comfort.

Turtle neck + DIY - Thrift Store
One Pieces Dress - Thrift Store
Watches - Ices
Bagpack - Shop @ MongKok Trendy Zone
Socks - Shop @ MongKok Argyle Centre
Trainers - Nike

At least but not last, a casual sporty look would be my last choice for a back to school outfit as it is the most basic and essential, plus comfortable outfits for anytime. Basically a pair of trainers is the key for this whole look. Consider school always comes with a dashing, a good pair of trainer is necessary. Here I wore this simple one pieces in loose which would be easy for me to move around, if you are concerned about the security of a dress, you can always add a knee length shorts (bike short) underneath for better cover. Since I want to take this look to the next level, I also wore this geometric turtle neck underneath the one pieces dress to create a contrast and a feminine sense to the look. To put together this look, I also threw on this black and white nike trainer & socks just to keep this look clean and complete.

I do hope by sharing my ideas of my back to school look would help any of you to find your own comfort outfit for school. 
I understand I am a month late for this lookbook since I haven't been able to update my blog last month but I am now back and I will get back on track to update my blog more frequently. 
Remember it is never too late to chose or change what you truly want to wear to show who you want to present yourself with and more importantly to be confident by the way you dressed!