It's been a while since I have worn all black but this one has definitely given me the feeling of luxury. I guess mostly it came from the lace up heels I am wearing! I basically got my eye on these bad boys since I spotted them displayed outside the Zara store in the summer. I knew how popular they are this year. I've seen brands come out with different version of them, but I like this one the most and they are so comfortable as well! At the time I didn't think I was going to get them but how do you resist it when you happen to see them on sale later? Anyway, it is a simple look I put up here, a blouse and a short! I know,  blouse again! Not sure why I never get enough of them and the more vintage they are the more I like them! Sometimes my friends just call me grandma because of that, but hey!, no one should be bothering your sense of fashion unless you let them! Anyway, I probably have mentioned before, to create an outfit using the same colour, the key would be playing with different textures. I chose a vintage blouse with a gorgeous golden pattern to pair with this pleather short. Somehow the blouse enhances the luxury of the look and the pleather short just increases the sexiness of this look and they create such harmony!

Lip - Etude House (Liner 04)
Blouse - Thrift Store
Shorts - Cotton On
Heels - Zara