You Witch.

Happy Halloween! I never thought I would come up with a Halloween outfit, since I have never been into Halloween. I happened to find this lovely dress as I went thrifting yesterday which made it possible for a Halloween look. I was drawn into the the lace and the tassel details around the dress since I first saw it and thought i could create a witchy look of it right away. I think it turned out alright. I believe if I do have a broom it would make this look perfect! I got to say I did enjoy the process of creating this look. I didn't have crazy makeup, I only exaggerated my features with makeup to make myself more witchy like and it was fun. I couldn't help to wear all black since I believe it fits the term Halloween Witch well enough. I did use a green lipstick just to make myself more witchy like and a skeleton necklace sponsored by CNdirect for an extra creepy look. Anyway I hope you all have fun in Halloween and have a good weekend! 

Lip - Limecrime (Serpentina) IG store @ Mb.itch
Choker - Gift
Necklace - Sponsored by CNdirect
Hat - Sponsored by
Dress - Thrift Store
Stocking - Primark
Boots - Unif (IG store @ Mb.itch)