Blythe Style.

The weather is definitely not cold enough for a turtleneck but this is the last piece I have got from my last sponsor, so I thought I will put together a simple yet comfortable outfit. I know the turtleneck has been a trend for a while now even they made it popular for the summer season as well. What I have got here is just a basic turtleneck in white, a great basic piece to add layers with. One of my favourite ways to wear it is with an overalls dress because the turtleneck helps to extend your figures visual length, overall it helps to balance out the body proportion. Of course there is more looks I am going to style with this turtleneck but I will wait until the weather gets colder, so stay tune.

Lip - Lime Crime (Cashmere) IG Store @ Mb.itch
Hat - Stanley Market
Turtleneck - Sponsored by CNDirect
Overall - Thrift Store
Trainer - Nike