Cowgirl On Rock.

Autumn weather can be annoyed because people get sick so easily as it is still hot during the day but turn cold at night. So that I put together an outfits which would suitable for this type of weather. I think a leather jacket (either a real one or not) is a essential Autumn/winter item. It does it's job amazingly by maintain the heat to keep you warm during the night. I never really own one myself until the recent sponsor! I think I am too excited to create different look out of it! Anyway, underneath the jacket, I just threw on a halter and a plaid skirt which I have self cut it of it's length so that it looked modern. I have to say leather jacket and plaid are buddy, a combination that never go wrong with!

Lip - Lime Crime (Cashmere + Salem) IG Store @ Mb.itch
Fedora - Stradivarius
Choker - Aland
Top - H&M
Claw Bracelet - Sponsored by CNDirect
Skirt - Thrift Store
Jacket - Sponsored by CNDirect
Boots - New Look