Christmas Heart.

When speaking of Christmas, I couldn't help but to think of Santa's bright red outfit and that made me believe that red is a significant colour of Christmas. If anyone can recalled, red is one of my favourite colours and today it gave me an excuse to wear this bright red skirt. However it's not like the skirt itself can be easy to go with any other colour, so i ended up matching it with black which is the most easy going colour together! I love this black shirt very much, mostly because of the V-neck cutting below the vintage collar and the collar itself, it went so well with the red skirt. However, it seemed to be a bit too dull just like that, so i decided to cover the cutting up with the golden necklace which helped to balance out in between the black and red, and gave a bit of glamour into the look. As you can see the red skirt is the reason the whole look become Christmas like, but the lace up heel was the key to tighten up the whole look. The pleater jacket also played an important role to give definition to the look. Anyway, i hope everyone have a great time with their love ones and Merry Christmas!

Lip - NXY
Pleater Jacket - Sponsored by CNDirect
Shirt - Thrift Store
Necklace - Forever 21
Skirt - Thrift Store
Heels - Zara