Mother On Earth.

I think we all try all black or all white outfits believing it's the easiest starter when we are not familiar with colour matching, but yet able to remain stylish. However, I wanted to challenge myself and experiment with more than just black and white. That's why I came up with this look. To be honest, bounded by the limitation of what I own in earth tone items, the outcome came out way better than I thought, and I am even so in love with it. I once mention that if we wanted to wear the same colour at once, the key is to mix with different textures so that on a visual level it looks more vivid. Though we should never forget to included  statement pieces! In here my blouse officially became the most attractive part, it's beautiful pattern has became the soul of the look and the fur coat adds the luxury, not to mention combining it all with a beret. It gives a 50's kind of vibe.

Anyway, by the time I post this (in Hong Kong) , it will be the beginning of the year, but either way I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I wanted to thank you all, especially those who have been with me since my fashion blog started. Last year is a new chapter for me to finally overcome my coward self and to 'just do it' (to follow my heart and to do something I enjoyed). I've learn to be more confident! Life truly is too short to worry in all times, therefore, trusting myself and believing in the possibilities would be my next goal to achieve. Have a good day everyone and I will see you on my next post.

Lip - NYX (Alabama)
Beret - Taobao
Blouse & Trouser - Thrift Store
Fur coat - Mum's Wardrobe 
Boots - IG Store @ Shopaholic852