This is my second time being sponsored by They are very kind to offer me once again! This time I have picked 3 items. The package actually took a while to be delivered and ever since I received it, I was preoccupied by work until this week I finally have time to get them style and share them with you all.

The first items I am going to share is this white thigh high socks which I always wanted.  We see people wearing black thigh high in all times but rarely the white one. I guess it is because it's more like a part of the uniform we used to wear back in our school day. Even though the length is different, the concept still stays in our mind which makes it difficult to style. When that happens, one rule I always follow is to stick with the colour, which is the white here. White thigh high is a very lady like item, so I decided to pair it with a dress. This blue dress with white lace is ideal, it matched so well with the thigh high and since it is a summer dress.  I paired it with a white turtleneck underneath, they blend in so well that you can't really tell they are two different pieces. For shoes, I wore a similar platform which also has a bit of lace details to complete the look. I really like how the look turned out. Somehow it reminds me of that Disney cartoon 'Frozen'. Anyway, have a good weekend everyone and stay tuned if you wonder what else I've picked.

Turtleneck - Sponsored by CNDirect
Dress & Platform - Gifts from a friend
White thigh high - Sponsored by CNDirect