Thigh high boots have been a hit for this winter! The moment I noticed CNDirect have them on their website, I knew I have to get a pair. In my option, thigh high boots is an essential item and that we should all own a pair. You can almost pair them with everything and more importantly, it extends the length of your leg and makes you look taller! However, this thigh high boot is unlike any others as it has got no zipper, so it can be tricky to put on especially with pants. But I love pairing them with pants because this combination is a sexy killer. 
Anyway, this is one of my all time favourite combo look! B&W strip top with either green or red pants! Seriously, this combo is timeless, I have seen many different versions of it! For my version, I went with the strip turtleneck and high waisted pants in green, the thigh high boots definitely give the look more definition. I also added a blazer so that it can hide my hip and given an illusion of a taller figure. The red hat just a tease of fun to finish off the look. This might be a simple look but it's a combination of sexiness and coolness at once, what more can you ask for?

Hat - Taobao
Top - Shop @ Kwai Chung Plaza
Blazer - H&M
Pants - IG Store @ Shopaholic852
Boots - Sponsored by CNDirect http://bit.ly/1HVdnoR