Winter Love.

Finally I get to wear something more winter like for this month as it is the month the temperature truly dropped. I have been wearing jumpers a lot more recently. It helps kept me warm enough not to wear too much during these cold days. I don't mean I hate layering, i just don't like wearing things that are too puffy which make your body appear bloated. I love pattern jumpers. They look cute and always remind me of those Christmas jumpers. I decided to pair it with an over-knee dress in orange and a cute beanie. I toned it down with a baseball type jacket. Beanie and baseball jackets (or what you called a bomber jacket) is a great combination of any outfits. it gives out a 'badass' vibe that you can't resist. Anyway, it's been a while since I blogged here and I already missing it, however, the weather isn't in good condition to take photo shoots so hopefully I see you guys soon enough. By the way I have deleted my old Instagram account and created a new one: @allieinterests, please feel free to add me and follow what I wear for the day. 

Lip - Coral Light lipstick + Debutante Pink lipgloss by Motives
Beanie - Old (mum's wardrobe)
Jumper - Yahoo online Store
Jacket - IG Store @ shopaholic852
Dress - Thrifted
Boots -