I have been waiting to wear this dress ever since i got it. It's a simple but delicate dress with the cutout lace details on the bottom edge of the dress and it's sleeve. The colour of chocolate brown also caught my heart! However, it has been so cold that i can only wait until the weather turns sunny and warm to wear it. I know i probably could just wear it anyway, but the problem is, i don't own a coat warm enough that would allow me to do that. 
Anyway, last Saturdays temperature finally went up to 18 degree, so finally I can share it to all of you. I decided to throw on a lighter brown pleather jacket for an extra contrast layer so the outfit would look more "alive". I've got to be honest that this dress is probably not meant to be a dress as i found it kind of short. As i lift up my hands, it has the danger of showing my panty! So i must wear a shorts inside just in case. I chose to finish up the look with the thigh high boots at the end as it helped me created an illusion to extend my height and longer legs. 
Not sure if i ever mention that i am not a fan of winter, therefore i am so excited for springtime to come!

Lip - Lime Crime (Salem) IG Store @ Mbamazing
Dress - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Boots - Sponsored by CNDirect