Double D.

I always wanted to try out the denim on denim look because I saw so many  bloggers styling it and they looked so cool. So I decided to create my own version of it, but to be honest, I did struggle with it when I realised it only works when the top is in a lighter shade than the bottom. I don't have any light denim tops or shirts, the only one I ever wore is a vintage one with Betty on it which belong to my mum. (I did style it once in my blog if you watch my blog from the start), so I borrowed that once again to make this look happened. For the bottom I chose a denim skirt because I love to wear a skirt or dress more than trousers. The button up skirt has been a great hit since the end of summer.  I picked this one from the thrift store. I absolutely love it. It has a longer length at the back than the front which I haven't seen any button up skirt on sale like it. Then I basically just styled the rest in a brown tone which I believed to be the most easy go colour to finish up the look. Anyway I really love how this look has turned out and I hope you guys enjoy it as well. 
Oh, and Happy Lunar New Year to you all.

Lip - Maybelline Lip-gradation in Mauve 1
Sunglasses - H&M
Top - Vintage (Mum's Wardrobe)
Button up Skirt - Thrift Store
Blazer - Giordano 
Shoes -