Fall Forever.

Burgundy has always been one of my favourite colours, but recently I have been obsessed with the green as well, not to mention how well they go together. I used to really hate green as my house shirt was green back in the school days. But things have changed in times and now everything of this look is my favourite now. It is no secret that I love collecting blouses and shirts, and this one just hit right to the spot! I mean who can really resist a floral blouse? Especially with a roses print? It's not exactly a burgundy colour but the brownish red still went so well with these two entirely different green skirt and coat.    It came a bit trickier when I found myself not having the right shoes to finish up the look though, then I found these boots that I got a long time ago, which I believe does help to complete the look! 
However, I probably won't be wearing it again since I left it hanging for so long that the print has just started to fall off. It's a shame because I actually start liking it. Anyway, the weather these days seem so unpredictable with the temperature bouncing up and down! So take care everyone and I see you on my next post.

Lip - Lime Crime (Salem)
Hat - Sponsored by Cndirect.com 
Coat - Thrift Store
Blouse - Thrift Store
Skirt - Thrift Store
Boots - Lady Donna