Nothing is as good as a simple clean look, especially if you are expecting warm sunny weather! I literally just love this look considering I put it together in the last minute. The value part of this look would definitely be the details of each individual part of the outfit. The top is so feminine because of the lace details and a little sexy by having a sheer sleeve that shows a bit of skin. The jeans are a killer!, especially the lace up details and the western cutting pattern on the knee. Both items are so different in style yet it feels so harmonious together! I have to say the only flaw of this look is the length of the flared jean is so long that I had to wear one of my super high platforms in order to support my heigh. But other than that, this look is just perfect! 
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the look and I see you all in my next one!

Lip - Cyber (M.A.C)
Hat - Sponsored by
Sunglasses - Topshop
Top - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Jean - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Platform - Y.R.U (IG Store @ Mbamazing