Burning Heart.

I have been addicted to mesh tops recently. I think it's a great option for a transitional season like spring. I love how feminine and sexy they look, and it's way of explosing the skin. When it comes to a feminine look, I love to wear a skirt. I basically enjoy wearing skirts and dresses more than trousers because of my big hips. I am not a tall person and my hips make me even shorter! That's why i hate my lower body so much! However a little trick such as combining a skirt with thigh high socks helps me to appear taller and slimmer. But the summer is coming soon enough and I need to start working out so I can feel more confident in wearing shorts and tank tops.

Hat - Taobao
Top - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Skirt - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Coat - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Heels - Zara