Night Gown.

Photos taken by Tony Nutall.

The Kimono has always been one of my favourite garments throughout the Japanese culture. I always dream to wear it at least once in my life but so far I have not yet had the chance to visit japan to give it a try and it is probably pretty expensive to rent it. But thanks to its popularity, retail stores have produced a simplified version of it that we can afford to get. I know it looks totally different to the original but I am still happy with it. The one I am wearing here is the kimono gown which is more like lounge wear, but no one ever said lounge wear has to be worn at bed time. Like this kimono style gown, they usually have very pretty pattern, so all you just need is the right pieces to turned it into a cute outfit. In my case, all black would help get all the attention i need for the gown and I have got to say, the silk texture of the gown really makes this look feel so luxury!

Anyway, my boyfriend is in town at the moment. It's very lovely to be able to see him, but the bad weather means that we can't sightsee as much as we could to make the best of his trip. I also feel it's a shame about where else i can take him to after years of visits. But i guess we both just happy to see each other and be with each other. That basically is the whole point of his trip. Well, i hope you guys have a good start of week and i see you all in my next post soon.