Shades of Grey.

A shirt not only can be worn as a top or a light jacket if it is long enough, it can definitely be worn as a dress. I often find woman who wear an oversize shirt is incredibly sexy especially the plain oversize man shirt. But I thought I will try my version with a bit of glam. It is simply just 2 pieces you need, a vintage oversize short/blouse with a long thin coat (depends on the weather). Wearing a shirt as a dress can be tricky especially if you chose not to wear a short underneath. That's why the long coat and the tight come in to avoid being too revealing of the lower body part. One little trick to style this look is to keep it minimal and stay with the same/similar colour panel, so that it look completed.

Anyway, the weather has finally got warmer and the rain has stopped. Hopefully it will continue to behave and I can't wait to share more Spring look to you all. Have a good weekend everyone!

Lip - Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve1)
Vintage Blouse - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Coat - H&M
Boots - H&M