Gold Digger.

I couldn’t be more surprised when i scan through my blog and realise how little i share my style with jeans. I believe jeans are the most basic essential to everyday life. Most people probably wear them daily, but not me, even i have a bunch of them in my closet. All i can say is i have too many choices and to be honest, jeans are not the most comfortable fabric in general. But thinking of a casual look, jeans are definitely my first choice. I couldn’t be more excited to be able to wear ,this lovely golden sparkly top as the weather is now too hot to wear anything else but camisole. Gold is never an easy colour to pair that’s why jeans are the perfect match because nothing can go wrong with it. It is unusual for me to include a bag into my look (not to mention a design brand bag ) but i have to add this classic Chanel bag not only because it glamorises the look but it completes it. This is exactly what i would wear for a girl night out, what about you guys?

Lip - LimeCrime (Cashmere) IG Store @ Mbamazing
Top - Thrifted (Mee&Gee)
Jean - Taxwood
Bag - Chanel

 Sandal - H&M