Love in First Sight.

I couldn't be more happy to know autumn has arrived. It is no secret that i hate summer in Hong Kong (too much rain and too many mozzies/insects) and that cause a lot struggle for me to do photo shoot. Since autumn is here and my job is more stable now, i should be able to update more frequently and hopefully you guys won't be sick of seeing me! 
Anyway, speaking of autumn that means plaid is coming back. Plaid is one of my favourite patterns, it's so changeable and colourful that i truly just can't resist it, not to mention it usually comes in the form of a shirt which i am totally obsessed with. This time, instead of a plaid shirt, i found this dope dress that i just fell in love with first sight. The colour is beautiful, so english, and I just love the collar. It might be a bit too cute alone but the thigh high boots just change the whole feel of it! I've got to admit i am a little scared of wearing one pieces now because of the change of my body shape. So i basically started to wear a belt with everything and it is actually a great accessory to refine a look! I hope you all enjoy this effortless look and I would love to know how you would style plaid.

Lips - Limecrime (Red Velvet) + NYX (Alabama)
Dress - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Thigh high boots - Sponsored by

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