Nothing can really stop me from wearing a shirt. I have all kind of shirts that just fit me in any season and i know i will continue to collect more! I really just love all kinds of shirt but vintage shirts are one of my favourite kind. This one in particular just fullfills everything i ever want from a vintage shirt (the golden retro details with the floral pattern) and i really just want to show it off so i paired it with a long blue skirt. This skirt is nothing like other skirts i collected because of it transparency level. I literally have to wear another skirt underneath to keep me from exposing myself. But i still love it so much just because it looks so chic and it's transparency provides more options to play around with. 
Anyway, rainy weather seems to be taken over the past month! Another reason i hate summer! So much rain! But this season has passed by fast and now fall is right around the corner. I am really looking forward to it, and hopefully i am able to share more looks with you.

Shirt - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Skirt - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Loafer - Zara