Fall into Trend.

I couldn't be more excited to feel the weather turn cooler now because it means I can wear sheer tops everyday from now on. Ever since sheer tops are back on trend, I am obsessed! I actually bought a bunch of them back home but i was never able to wear any of them. Mostly because I struggle with finding the right item to wear underneath, but then I realise a nuke bra is the best solution. However, it is really hard to find the perfect match for my skin tone so I ended up getting a reusable nipple concealer to cover what needed to be covered and it is probably the most natural look with the sheer top. 
Anyway, this blouse's collar design is my recent favourite. I always love a V neck so having a blouse/shirt combine with it really got me excited. This look is pretty experimental with colour. I never thought orange and brown can look so good with dusty pink. But fashion and styling is all about experimentation and that is a fun process to do. I hope you all enjoy the look! And don't be shy to leave a comment or say hi, I would love to read them!

Lip - Limecrime (Pumpkin)
Top - Lowrys Farm
Trouser - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Boots - Cotton On

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