I have to confess here that going through a new year is frustrating. By knowing the fact that I am turning another year older, and still have not figure out what i want for this life is stressful. You see, every year it feels like the same in a repeat loop.. Bouncing in between work in a robotic way that I begin to wonder about the purpose of being alive. Honestly, it is depressing at the time especially when you believe all of your friends seem to know, and have achieved what they want. It makes me feel so jealous. Driven by the thought of "live without regret", i stepped out of my comfort zone to start this blog a year and half ago. It took me a hell lot of courage to begin as i had so many concerns. But it was the right decision to make because ever since i started blogging i feel different, both in the way of seeing and doing things. I feel confident and powerful than i ever have. It is something i found myself enjoying (except the writing part, which i always have struggled with) beside drawing. And i would love to continue this blog throughout 2017. I actually have quite a lot of things planned in 2017, i never really planned before because when i did i always end up screwing it up. Hopefully not this year because i actually look forward for it. 

Anyway, hence i don't celebrate new year (generally i don't like places crowded by people), so i though i would celebrate it through my outfit by adding a little spark. It's the glam up version or party version of the most classic uniform assemble. Apparently swapping a shirt with a sparky high neck line jumper and added with a bow which actually is a choker work just well as a shirt. I clearly just can't get enough plaid skirt when it goes so well with the fishnet stocking that i am all crazy about lately. I hope you enjoy this look and thank you for reading this far. Have a good weekend and see you soon.

Lip - Lime Crime (Peacock)
Choker - Forever21
Top - Old
Plaid skirt - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Shoes - Wego