Korea Travel Diary.

I have become a little lazy after my trip back from Korea. I had such a great time with my bestie but I was so worn out with sore muscles and I got sick right away. It has been 2 years since my last trip so I was super excited for this one. I did take a lot photos but I apologise for not sharing them as much as I promised to Instagram. I really just got distracted from everything that happened there, so I thought of sharing them through my blog instead. 

Apparently it's not my first time to visit Korea. But it feels different planning the trip independently rather than joining an organised tour. It's a good experience and an adventure to get lost in forgein country. We didn't stay in a hotel but we booked an apartment through airbnb. It was a lovely apartment that was located in a place called sinseol-dong which is pretty convenience to head to the places we wanted to go and visit. And of course our aim of this trip was mainly focused on shopping, but we did manage to do a bit of sightseeing too. 

OOTD at the airport, ready to take off.

The view of seoul from above when we about to land.

We already went crazy on shopping the first day at mingdong. The next couple of days might not be as crazy but still enough to cause my arms and feet to be in pain and sore with all those hours we walked and holding the goods we bought. We basically headed out for 12 hours everyday! Can't blame if my feet beat me for that. But I really did have a good time and I wish we could have stayed much longer. Got to say even 12 hours for a place is not enough for us shopaholic! Lol 

Common Ground Plaza

DDP Centre

EWHA Woman University

Near by graffiti tunnel

Anyway, It was cold during the period of time we visited. Never have experienced minus degree before because the lowest degree in Hong Kong is probably around 3-5 degree, but minus, that's impossible. Since I was planning to shop for clothes over there I didn't take many clothes with me and I can't say I am warm enough for the minus degree. After a few days I finally can't stand the cold any longer, so I bought a long coat that I basically wore it everyday since. We actually wished to see snowing but unfortunately the only things we saw were these snowy ices formed on the ground (especially in the countryside).

Korean Palaces

Petite France

The Garden of Morning Clam

Photos of me were taken by my bestie Yan Chan.

The place we went for sightseeing were breath taking. I certainly can not explain my feeling through words and even picture can not describe my feeling at the time. I have a special thanks to my bestie for planning and taking the lead for this trip. I enjoyed it so much. I hope we would manage to plan another trip together at some point again sooner or later. I've got to admit travel is like a drug to drag you into it and I already get addicted to it and would like to go somewhere again! Lol