The Colour of Luck.

Happy Chinese New Year! In Hong Kong we don't count that the new year has arrived until the Chinese New Year has come, which is cool as we are given an excuse to celebrate twice and also have a short break from work. But honestly it is getting boring saying the same old celebrating phases over and over. My family no longer gather up with other family members like we used to, so it somehow feels that the gaiety of the festival is weaken by each year. However, as I might not feel it through the environment, I can always dress to be part of it and share the aura to everyone else. 
This outfit is perfect for Chinese New Year. I wore it exactly on the first day. Couldn't be more happy to wear my favourite colour for the day as red is the tradition colour of Chinese New Year. I don't usually wear red pants as it is a bit too much for an ordinary work day, so this CNY really just gives me every reason to wear it without feeling it's too much. By pairing this vintage white blouse which is covered with gold pattern just flatters the whole look with an elegant vibe. However, I am aware how intense the red pants would be, so the black thigh high boots really helps by giving the ratio of red I need in order make this look amazing! Anyway, my CNY break has just come to the end and I will be back to work tomorrow! How depressing ...but hey, that's life.

Blouse - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Jacket - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Pant - H&M
Thigh high boots - Glamorous (Asos)