Travel Past.

I have wanted to style this dress ever since I bought it. It is one of those trends that I fell into. I meant to get the velvet one but I didn't see the colour I was looking for so I ended up getting this one which I was also interested in. I did find it rather a challenge to style because of it shiny surface and this is the look I came up with. Apparently not the best but i do love it well enough to share it with you all. The dress itself is so elegant thats why I decided to put on this top with beautiful jewelled pattern on it. There's a fun fact that when I try it on, my mum walked passed and said that is a grandma look. I couldn't laugh more because the truth is I actually like and feel really good about it and that's what I would call a vintage look. lol . Luxary is basically the image that popped into my mind with this look, so I decided to complete it with the only faux coat I own and a beret which immediately channel the look into the 30's vibe. Anyway, I am so excited for my Korea trip today and hopefully I will be able to take many pictures to show you guy after I came back along with a few outfits of course. So stay tuned and I will give you updates on instagram!

Lip - Limecrime (Beet It)
Beret - Taobao
Faux Coat from Mum
Top - Thrifted Store (Mee & Gee)
Dress - China
Heels - Stradivarius