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Everyone is already talking about valentine right after February come. I don't think i have plan on that day because it will be the exact day I finished my trip from Korea and fly back to Hong Kong. But still nothing is going to stop me from dressing up a little just to feel good for it and this probably would be the look I get on with. Something sweet with a little grunge vibe. For a day like this, your look is a way of revealing yourself. So I basically just put on what I love the most and combine them together which in this case is a red velvet top with a statement dress. Yes, you didn't hear me wrong. It is a dress before I improvise and cut it because I am not a fan of its former length. Anyway, a statement piece always requires attention that's why I chose to go with a plain top. But put in mind plain is not equal to boring. You see my choice of velvet actually compliments the statement dress without sabotaging the harmony. However, as I said I wanted it to be a little grunge, that's why I added a pleather jacket, the fishnet stockings and boots to tone down the sweetness over the look. It's just a perfect look for all kind activities for the day, don't you think? So what do you guys think of the look and what would you guys do on Valentine? Would love to read about it.

Lip - NYX (Copenhagen)
Pleather jacket - Sponsored by CNDirect.com
Top - Thrifted Store (Me & G)
Belt - H&M
Skirt - Thrifted Store (Mee & Gee) + DIY
Boots - H&M