Cool Kid.

Photo taken by Yan Chan

Here is a quick share of a classic smart causal look i wore during my time in Korea. The reason i said classic is because this white shirt and trainer combo has been quite a trend for a long time. The truth is i only prepared the upper half of this look and bought the rest in Korea. After all i was planning to shop there all along. This look was created to be comfortable. These wide leg pants really help. I am now a big fan as they are so comfortable and if styled right, it actually can help extended your body in order to look taller and slimmer. Even when doing the classic trend, i would never forget my own characteristic that's why accessories are needed. I was longing for this circle ring belt ever since it's trend started and i finally found it in Korea. I feel like it can just make every ordinary outfit look way more stylish and this look is the proof. I also managed to own my first adidas trainer. It was a model i have yet to see anywhere but i got a feeling that it will be a hit soon. A fun fact about this look would be that i actually switched my jacket due to the freezing weather of that day, the weather in Korea was just too cold that i could't stand it no more, so i bought a long coat and change instantly. Probably because the colour tone matches, i think it looks even better and stylish than before. So what do you think and which one do you like better?

Beanie - TaoBao
Choker - Unif
Shirt - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Sweater - Thrifted (Me & G)
Belt - Korea (Aland)
Pants - Korea
Adidas Trainer - Korea (ABC Mart)
Denim Jacket - Thrifted (Me & G)
Long Coat Jacket - Korea