Thought I would share something different for today's blog, something raw, something like a look without makeup. I know what you are thinking. Makeup is an act of politeness in many countries, but as much as I love how makeup can make you feel pretty, I personally admire and appreciate natural beauty more. People who have delicate skin and intense features, makeup probably isn't necessary. Apparently I am not one of those people but I still try my best to keep my natural skin at all time just because I know the collateral damage makeup can bring. Basically the more makeup you use the more you need . Don't get me wrong, I do love makeup because it is fun to makeover and i do love how it helps me to look prettier. However I realise being confident and appreciated your natural self is also an element to be a beauty. Ever since I shaved my hair my perspective of beauty has changed. I never felt so confident in my life and I have started to appreciate my own appearance. I feel so beautiful the way I am. And I want to share it to you all. If you  follow my instagram, you will know most of the looks I post on weekdays are usually the raw me. The truth is even with makeup in the weekend, I have minimised my makeup to only brow, (sometime eyeliner or shadow) and lipstick. Of course makeup is part of the style when it comes to fashion. Not every look can go without makeup because makeup plays a huge part in fashion. They basically link to each other. That's why a sporty look seems most natural to go without makeup. I actually took reference through male bloggers, I mean men's fashion doesn't really require makeup, more about characteristics, so if men can style without makeup, so can the woman, right?

Cap - H&M
Hoodies - Fortei
Denim Jacket - Thrifted (Me & G)
Trouser - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Sandal - Thailand (IG Store @ shopaholic852)