Shade of You.

It’s been a while since my last update but i am back now! I took the time off my blog to complete a wardrobe transition for the coming summer, and of course that included tidying, which is something i am never good at. I have to get rid of some old clothes to save up some space so i can shop for some new ones! The fact is i have so many clothes yet i still feel like i don’t have enough to wear! That’s probably why i am never able to save up! lol
Anyway, I always wanted to share more casual looks over the blog because it is something we wear the most. I love to share styles that you guys can be inspired by in what you own in your own wardrobe, to create something cool. Honestly, this look is not an outstanding look, but by playing around with colour, accessories or even makeup, you can just turn any look into something cool. To be specific; combine something old with new. It is all about playing with details. For example, adding trendy elements such as fishnet stockings, sunglasses or choker,  those sort of things. Hope that kind of helps and i will see you soon on my next post.

Lip - LimeCrime (Pansy+Chinchilla)
Sunglasses - H&M
Choker - WEGO
Shirt - 5CM
Tee - Thrifted
Pants - UG
Fishnet Stockings - ASOS
Shoes - Blink (Asos)