Summer White.

There are reasons i post less during summer time; the heat, the insect bites and of course the rain. There is nothing i can do when the rain comes but i can at least reduce the chance of being bitten and over-heat by wearing white. It might not work that well but still i am giving every possibility a try. Anyway, this is really just another look to share another of my blouses from my collection. White on white could be dull, that's why this blouse is just about right to keep it clean and simple yet unique. Speaking of vintage blouses, i haven't visited the thrift store for quite some times now (it is where i get all my vintage blouses). I have been too obsessed with online shopping lately. It is just too convenient but too easy to spent the money.I am feeling that i should put a stop to it so i can save up a little more in readiness for the next high street sales (hopeless i know!). I do have a lot post in progress but if the rain continues this week i'm not sure if i can shoot and share it to you guys. Though if you are interested to check out what am i up to, you are more welcome to follow me on instagram @allieinterests where i share feeds daily. Happy Saturday everyone!

Blouse - Thrift Store
Pants - Airspace
Shoes - River Island