Palm Spring.

Recently I have been into co-ord sets. I don't think I have ever owned one beside pyjamas. But you know i just found out there is actually a pyjama trend going on. It is like nowadays there's no limitation to fashion, everything is possible to become a trend! Well back to this look. This set I am sharing as an outfit today is claimed to be pyjamas. It is true that it feels kind of loose even in its smallest size, but I feel like it is a waste to treat them as pyjamas because it's actually quite cute and would be a shame to just wear it to sleep. Some people do not like sets because it is too matchy, but I kind of like it. It is kind of similar to a romper but only divided into two pieces which is even better because you have a choice of wearing them together or separately which provides more options in style! Anyway my key to styling co-ord sets would be a focus on accessories. Because this pyjama set is so cute, I matched the loose top with a lace bralette and fishnet for the short. I always find it an interesting balance to have something cute with something edgy together. I can't say I made the best choice for the shoes though. I was looking for something comfy and what is better than a pair of trainers?

Lip - Limecrime (Prairie+Dope)
Glasses - Boho Queen Jewelry
Pyjama sets - Shein
Trainers - Misguided (Asos)